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Linus Bike moves east and sets up shop in Old Town Pasadena

Matt DeBord Visits Linus Bikes

Ashley Myers-Turner/KPCC

Linus Bikes opened a pop-up shop in Old Pasadena this month. KPCC's Matt DeBord paid a visit to the shop to check in on their unique business model.

The KPCC video team — a crack band of intrepid, talented, and skillful experts who will stop at nothing and brave any challenge to deliver high-quality filmed reports — and I traveled...oh, about five blocks up the street from our mothership to check out Linus Bike's new "pop-up store" in Old Town Pasadena. Sometimes, the stories come to you!

I've been grooving on Linus Bike since, about two years ago, I first spotted one of the bikes being piloted through the streets of Los Feliz. The rapidly growing, L.A.-based company's first location was in Venice. But now the operation has moved east, hoping to convince Pasadenans that a nifty combination of minimalist, old-school styling, versatility, and lots of cool accessories is the ticket to happy bicycle commuting, errand running, and, in short, a generally car-less life in car-crazy L.A.


Bike Challenge: DeBord Report goes (Gasp!) carless

In the past, I've definitely tussled with what I think of as the "Bicycles Boys" — after a pre-"Sex and the City" story in the New York Observer by Candace Bushnell. You can sample the disagreement here, here, and here. These are smart gents who believe that the urban landscape can be remade, productively, in the image in of the cyclist.

I think they're starry eyed idealists.

But now the tables have been turned. As much as I love cars and driving — and continue to think that America is car country and there's really no changing that — I now live within easy biking distance of my office. The terrain is invitingly flat. And of course the weather in Southern California is nearly idea for a short daily commute by bike.

Also, I'm not getting any younger. I need daily exercise. So why not get it by biking to work?