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Bill Clinton: 'Get out of denial and get back in the future business'

Former US president Bill Clinton speaks


Bill Clinton strongly recommends that we embrace communitarianism, not separatism.

It's always worth listening to former President Bill Clinton give a speech. So even though I was about a football field (or two) away from the Man from Hope at his lunchtime address at the Milken Institute Global Conference, I still enjoyed the full Clinton: folksy yet wonky, casual yet impassioned, and all of it delivered in a hoarse ramble that he blamed on allergy season back East, but that may have had as much to do with rising before dawn to fly to L.A. at the behest of conference host Michael Milken.

The warmup act was a panel about the problems of Europe. And you couldn't have had a more hilarious performance from Nouriel Roubini, the economist who was labeled "Dr. Doom" for his dire predictions before the financial crisis, if you had tried. Sample: "The sum of all trade balanced in the world has to be zero because we don't trade with the Moon and Mars." See what I mean? Hilarious!


Clinton speaks, rich people, the end of email: DeBord Report talks with Andy Dean

I went on "America Now with Andy Dean" again yesterday to talk about a few recent blog posts, including one on Bill Clinton's Herculean speaking fees, good rich people and bad rich people, and the end of email. The wonderfully conversational Darryl Parks was filling in for Andy, and we bantered for a while. I've embedded the broadcast, above.

I've been on this show a few times now and richly enjoyed each experience. You can check the segments out here and here.

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Bill Clinton tops $75 million in speech fees

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Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Former President Bill Clinton attends the 2011 New York University commencement at Yankee Stadium on May 18, 2011 in New York City.

What does a U.S. President do when he isn't President anymore? If he's Bill Clinton, who left office in 2011, he gives speeches. Lots and lots of speeches. And makes lots and lots of money. Clinton had such a good 2010 on the speechifying trail that his take since leaving the White House now tops $75 million.

This is from CNN:

Helping to propel the former president to his most lucrative year were two events for which he received a combined $1 million. The first was a June 2010 event in Moscow organized by Renaissance Capital. The other was a December speech delivered in the United Arab Emirates for Novo Nordisk, a global health care company. Clinton received $500,000 for each event, which tie for the second-largest payments he has received for a single event. In June 2008, he received $525,000 for a speech at a motivational speaking conference in Edmonton, Canada.