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Vacation now! LA Times employees lose control of their time off

As LA Observed reported last week, Los Angeles Times employees are getting a sort of nasty double-whammy, when it comes to vacation time. According to the LAT memo that Kevin Roderick published

As of October 2, 2011, we will put into action a temporary freeze of vacation accrual and mandate the use of vacation days. Given that many of you have more than two weeks of vacation already accrued and the holiday months are traditionally a season when time off is scheduled, our hope is that this will be manageable and not create undue difficulty. 

Just what you want to see in your email in-box on the Friday before Labor Day weekend! This move is happening in the wake of the LAT's owner, Tribune, asking its bankruptcy court judge to authorize between $16.4 million and $42.5 million in — and unfortunately there's no other word for them — performance bonuses for company management.