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Chris Anderson is leaving Wired to...run a homemade drone company!

It's a bird, it's a plane...it's a robot plane...and it's being brought to you by suddenly former Wired editor Chris Anderson.

Chris Anderson, the longtime editor of the geek tech bible Wired, has announced he's leaving the job to focus on 3D Robotics, a San Diego-based startup that's trying to take remote-controlled airplanes and copters to whole 'nother level.

How 'nother? Well, these things can fly themsevles. They're "DIY Drones," like the Arduplane, pictured above, that Anderson himself says is an example of how you can "add [an] autopilot to any RC aircraft and it becomes a fully-programmable flying robot with a powerful ground station and Mission Planner."

Here's what Anderson said about his departure after more than decade at the helm of Wired:

This is an opportunity for me to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. I’m confident that Wired’s mission to influence and chronicle the digital revolution is stronger than ever and will continue to expand and evolve.


Freebie Nights: Why the porn business in California is struggling

If you check in with porn-industry advocates, they'll probably tell you that the last thing the pornography industry needs right now -- from a business perspective -- is an HIV scare coupled with a 2012 ballot measure that would require condoms to be worn by performers. But an HIV scare it has gotten, one that's temporarily shut down porn production in LA, the nation's smut capital and creator of a reported $12.6 billion in yearly sales (the totally SFW map at right shows Chatsworth, the center of the region's porn industry).

This is happening at the same time the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is rounding up signatures to put a ballot measure in front of voters next June that would require condoms in porn media permitted for production in LA. On balance, this doesn't sound outlandish, but certain groups within the porn industry argue that mandatory condom use will create an underground non-condom trade that will be less safe.