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DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean,' March 23 edition

I was overwhelmed by a conference at USC earlier this week and so I'm posting my weekly Economy Report segment from "American Now with Andy Dean" literally an hour before this week's segment.

Andy and I got into why the Apple 4G iPad is crushing consumers with its sky-high data usage rates, as well as why a town in Brazil would be even remotely interested in building tracking technology into student uniforms to combant the Brazilian scourge of truancy (I get my Libertarian on — a rare event — for this topic). 

But don't miss the exchange about Ron Paul and "Black Swan" author Nassim Taleb. Andy threw me for one, here. I figured he'd more of a Paul fan. But he, too, has issues with the GOP presidental candidate.

You can listen live to this week's segment here. We're on at 4 p.m. Pacific Time.


The DeBord Report on 'America Now with Andy Dean'

I did my weekly Economy Report on "American Now with Andy Dean" a day early this week — Thursday rather than Friday. Andy very kindly informed me that the first step to leaving the liberal matrix is admitting that you have a problem, but I think I need to know what the other eleven steps are before I'm fully prepared to go down that road. In any case, we ran through the business news of the week, which included President Obama's budget; General Motors' record 2012 profit and Mitt Romney's view of the bailouts; the thorny question of whether "carried interest" income earned by folks in the financial sector should be taxed as regular income; and the whole dustup over Starbucks policy toward gun owners.

Listen in! It was a snappy discussion, as usual. I come in about halfway though.