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Jilted TED speaker Nick Hanauer's former hobby: Biosphere2


University of Arizona

The famous (and infamous) Biosphere2 is now owned and operated as a science lab by the University of Arizona.

This has been making the bloggy rounds since last week. The YouTube video embedded below is from a TED U talk that Nick Hanauer, a Seattle venture capitalist, gave earlier this year in Long Beach. Hanauer was miffed that his talk wasn't posted on the TED site and took his case to the media, namely National Journal.

Accusations of censorship arose: the talk wasn't posted because Hanauer said that the rich aren't job creators, it was alleged, and TED's Chris Anderson didn't help matters by sending Hanauer an email indicating that the talk was "out and out political." Then Anderson wrote a blog post explaining the whole thing in more detail. And then the Hanauer talk somehow got posted, although Hanauer agreed that the quality wasn't great, acknowledging Anderson's point.

Hanauer is indeed a partner at Second Avenue Partners. The firm looks to have invested about $6.5 million in two companies over the past two years and have been involved in much larger deals over the past decade, according to CrunchBase