Explaining Southern California's economy

For small biz Republicans in LA, it's the economy, stupid, all over again


George Washington University/Thumbtack.com

Number one issue for L.A. Republicans headed into the November election? It's pretty clear.


George Washington University/Thumbtack.com

California Republicans aren't making anyone guess about their biggest concern headed into the election.

George Washington University and Thumbtack.com have just released something they call the "Small Business Political Sentiment Survey." You know what GWU is. Thumbtack.com is a website that matches consumers with service-provides, which explains its exposure to small business — and its ability to survey them in the thousands.

The results for California are in, broken out by political party and gender, as well as aggregated with those distinctions eliminated. (They survey is also interactive.) In both the state as a whole and in L.A. in particular, Republican small business folk identify the economy and jobs as the biggest issue for them going into the November political election. 

While just under half of California Republicans call this issue number one, nearly two-thirds of Los Angeles Republicans do. And an even 60 percent say that when it comes to small business, Mitt Romney is their man. President Obama only outranks "Not sure" when it comes to his support for small biz among those who identify themselves with the Grand Old Party by to percentage points, 20 to 18.