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The Forever Recession: There are no jobs and maybe there won't be for a while

The BLS jobs report that hit this morning was…how to put it? Demoralizing? Particularly headed into a holiday weekend that's supposed to celebrate the American worker. As some commenters have already pointed out, that fact the U.S. economy added zero — yes, zero — jobs in August is both depressing and symbolic.

Depressing because it came in well under even worst-case scenarios produced yesterday by the likes of Goldman Sachs, which had anticipated a fairly demoralizing 25,000 jobs to be added (Take that, starry eyed Goldman optimists!). I guess you could throw up your hands and say, Well, at least we didn't drop into negative territory! The national unemployment rate stayed at 9.1 percent (and presumably, the California rate will stay stuck at 12 percent, with L.A. County above that at 12.4 percent — that data will come later in the month).