Explaining Southern California's economy

California Trendwatch: Polarizing jobs, polarizing regions

Earlier this week, the UCLA Anderson Forecast released a report on the national and state economy that contained a rather disturbing trend analysis. Since the financial crisis, two California economies have emerged. On the coast, there's growth. Inland, there's near-stagnation. You can easily see this expressed in the Los Angeles region's unemployment numbers. LA is bad, at at 12.7 percent. But Riverside and San Bernadino counties are far worse, at 15.1 and 14.3, respectively.

The industries that are creating jobs in California are also disproportionately located on the coast. Inland, the blast wave of the the housing bust is still being felt, with industries like construction shedding jobs.

So, we have a polarization of economic growth, the to markedly different sub-states in the CA. Meanwhile, Lauren Dame recently produced this brief analysis of job polarization nationally, for the New America Foundation: