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Apple iTunes 11: The battle to keep iTunes from becoming Microsoft Word

Apple has released version 11 of iTunes, its media-management software. Few liked the old version. Will this iTunes truly go...to 11?

Apple just introduced a major update to iTunes, the media-management software that comes pre-loaded in all Macs and that functions, effectively, as Apple's central desktop and online resource for accessing content on PCs, iPhones, and iPads. Version 11 addresses a critical problem for Apple.

Which is: Everyone who uses Apple devices pretty much has to use iTunes. And before version 11, a lot of people hated using iTunes. 

Why is that? Well, while Apple is still pretty good at developing operating systems, its history with other types of software is checkered. iTunes was really the company's first non-OS software package that really moved the needle. It wasn't so much the iPod that revolutionized the music business, it was iTunes — an software jukebox with online integration to the iTunes store and all those 99-cent songs.