Explaining Southern California's economy

Reportings: No grocery strike; pulling a Qwikster; space boom; Jarritos!

The grocery workers union comes to tentative terms on a new contract with the Big 3 chain stores in Southern California. No details, but early indications are that the stores made concessions on health-care funding. But this would be a take-back from the 2007 negotiations, when the union and the chains agreed to underfund the healthcare surplus. (KPCC.org) 


Netflix (NFLX) is getting hammered again today, after the decision to spin-off the DVD-by-mail business into something called "Qwikster," which is now dangerously close to to becoming a word that people use to characterize the destruction of market value. "Remember those guys?" "Yep, they were riding high and then they pulled a Qwikster." Sort of reminds me of Research in Motion (RIMM) introducing a tablet with no native email. #Fail (Google Finance)