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Is Linda Katehi the right person to be running UC Davis?

Occupy UC Davis Protests Police Pepper Spray Incident

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

DAVIS, CA - NOVEMBER 21: UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi (C) wipes her eye as she is escorted to a car after speaking to Occupy protestors during a demonstration at the UC Davis campus on November 21, 2011 in Davis, California. Thousands of Occupy protestors staged a demonstration on the UC Davis campus to protest the UC Davis police who pepper sprayed students who sat passively with their arms locked during an Occupy Wall Street demonstration on November 18. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In the aftermath of the UC Davis pepper spray incident, when campus cop Lt. John Pike unleashed the nasty dispersing agent on a group of Occupy protesters who had refused to leave the university's quad, Chancellor Linda Katehi has been standing her ground, cooperating with an investigation rather than resigning.

This sounds like a prudent course of action and has attained some credibility, especially now that former LA Police Chief and New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton — not a man to be trifled with — has been appointed by UC to lead to lead the inquiry.

But of course, the outcome is already baked in the cake. Chancellor Katehi, who reportedly ordered the campus cops to remove the protesters and their tents from the quad, is now fighting for her career. She's just thrown the offending officers under the bus, declaring that they defied her order to avoid a repeat of an earlier action against Occupy at UC Berkeley, which turned ugly.