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What kind of shape were Rodney King's finances in?

Rodney King's autobiographical book 'The

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'The Riot Within: My Journey From Rebellion to Redemption,' by Rodney King is displayed at EsoWon bookstore in L.A. King reportedly received a six-figure advance for the book, but he said that he only saw five.

Rodney King, whose videotaped beating at the hands of cops in 1991 led to not-guilty criminal verdict for the officers involved and touched off riots in L.A. the following year, was found dead at the bottom of his pool over the weekend. Early indications are that no foul play was involved. The 47-year-old King just drowned.

According to KPCC's Frank Stoltze, press reports had King "getting his life together." But what kind of shape were his finances in? 

He received a $3.8-million civil settlement from the City of Los Angeles, but pretty much all of it has disappeared by the time his fiancée discovered him on Sunday. As the LATimes reported in April, King was: "...jobless and virtually broke. Gone is the settlement money he got after suing the city for violating his civil rights. All $3.8 million of it. Huge chunks went to the lawyers, he says, some to family members, some he simply wasted."