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Yahoo CEO's explanation for resumegate isn't that implausible

stevelyon/Flickr/Creative Commons

Yahoo!'s Santa Monica location. CEO Scott Thompson now says he was never asked for his resume before he was hired.

Here's the latest on the battle between Dan Loeb of hedge fund Third Point and the Yahoo board over whether Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has been trading on exaggerated educational credentials: Thompson says...he never provided a resume before he was hired!

This is from DealBook:

Mr. Thompson’s likely argument is that while he met with representatives for Yahoo’s board during the hiring process late last year, he never submitted a résumé. That leaves open the question of how the erroneous computer science degree was incorporated into his record.

The nonexistent degree began to appear in his corporate biography at PayPal, the eBay division that he led until accepting the Yahoo job. But a review of eBay’s securities filings shows that the company correctly noted that Mr. Thompson held only an accounting degree.