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Small VC matches big VC for investment pace in L.A.

David Siemer of Siemer & Associates and Siemer Ventures.

I had a yet another great conversation with David Siemer last week. David is a Managing Partner at Siemer & Associates, a Santa Monica-based merchant bank that also has a venture-capital arm, Siemer Ventures (started in 2007). The reason I called David up was to quiz him about his reaction to a nice write-up in Los Angeles Business Journal, pointing out that Siemer Ventures was almost even in terms of investment pace with L.A.'s largest VC firm, GRP Partners. 

GRP made 14 investments, making it the "most active" firm on the Biz Journal's list. Siemer made 13. GRP is working with $1.2 billion. Siemer is working with $35 million.

The pace is nothing new for David Siemer, however. "We're looking at doing 15 or 16 new investments this year," he said. "So far this year, we've done seven new deals."