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Making too much money is the least of UC Davis head's problems

Occupy UC Davis Protests Police Pepper Spray Incident

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi (C) wipes her eye as she is escorted to a car after speaking to Occupy protestors during a demonstration at the UC Davis campus on November 21, 2011 in Davis, California.

At Slate's Moneybox, Paul Collins does a deep dive into the compensation history of the chancellor at the University of California-Davis. He was evidently prompted by the controversy surrounding current chancellor Linda Katehi and her role in the pepper spray incident that occurred last year, when students were engaged in an Occupy protest.

Katehi makes $400,000, a figure that critics think might be too high for a university president. Collins calls her a "bona fide 1-percenter" and points out that UC Davis chancellor pay has "rocketed upwards in the last two decades" (he has the data to prove it).

All true, but these are the least of Katehi's worries — if she's worried about them at all. And anyone who thinks she's paid to much and that overcompensation should be held against her, especially given the pepper-spray incident...well, those folks need to dig a bit deeper into Katehi's background. They should ask if she should be getting $400,000 to run an institution that's ever likely to experience student protests or have to make quick decisions about the enforcement of order on campus.