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How using mass-transit in Los Angeles can save you $12,000 a year

There's some buzz around LA about a U.S. Census report that shows Angelenos might not have the country's worst commutes. This is from the LA Times:

It took commuters in the L.A.-Long Beach-Santa Ana area an average of 28.1 minutes to get to work in 2010, ranking 17th nationally, according to data released Thursday from the American Community Survey's latest one-year estimate....Surprisingly, topping the list were areas with robust rail networks and transit systems such as New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, which ranked first and takes drivers an average of 34.6 minutes, and Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, which clocked in at 30.7 minutes and ranked fourth. The national average was 25.3."

That sounds counter-intuitive: How can regions with well-established mass-transit have longer commutes? Simple: subways and buses make more stops.