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Making money from YouTube: Is it a mystery?


Bacon plus bacon plus bacon equals YouTube success.

David Lazarus — of the Los Angeles Times and also our go-to guest host for "AirTalk" and "The Patt Morrison Show" here at KPCC — had a recent column in which he pondered the moneymaking prospects of You Tube:

Making money from YouTube videos — it's something I've always wondered about. You won't get rich stuffing Mentos into bottles of Diet Pepsi, right?

Probably not. But millions of people are at least hoping for some modest returns, thanks to a profit-sharing program run by YouTube's corporate parent, tech heavyweight Google.

He then talked with Andrew Broadbent, a YouTube consultant (How's that for a job title?):

..."You just have to believe YouTube that the figures are the real deal."

He added that serious money — more than $100,000 a year — actually can be made for the talented (or lucky) few who rise to YouTube greatness. But the vast majority of the site's hundreds of millions of users will barely earn enough cash annually to buy a pizza.