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Executive pay capped at $325,000 a year by Cal State trustees

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Trustees at California State University say they’ve heard the protests, loud and clear. The trustees are changing how much top executives get paid.

From now on, any new president of a Cal State school will make no more than 10 percent above his predecessor’s pay — and never more than $325,000 a year.

"Which I think gives a moderate and reasonable predictability to salaries moving forward," said trustee Lou Monville, "that both taxpayers, the Legislature and other members of the CSU can understand."

What many of those people didn't understand was why the incoming president of San Diego State received a $400,000 salary last year. That decision set off a wave of protests.

Trustee Gavin Newsom says that this new salary cap is not ideal, but it’s necessary.

"It’s frustrating, but at the same time we need to be competitive, Newsom said, "and I think what we did was appropriate and measured under the circumstances. Had we not made the amendment, I think there would have been, let me say respectfully, hell to pay."

Some say the cap does not go far enough. State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco says new hires should make no more than 5 percent more than their predecessors, and nobody should get a raise when student fees go up.

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