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California state hearing on oversight of private postsecondary schools

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At a Sacramento hearing Tuesday evening, lawmakers will hear whether the state’s for-profit, post-secondary schools need more oversight.

Hundreds of thousands of Californians enroll in schools that teach computer, culinary and medical assistant skills. Jamienne Studley, president of the advocacy group Public Advocates, says the state needs to hold these schools to the same standard as any other consumer business.

"Are you telling the truth, can you compare different alternatives?" asked Studley rhetorically. "California has an opportunity to do a better job in that. Compared to other states, California is pretty light on its regulatory oversight of this entire sector."

Studley said the schools promise some students a quality of education they’re not receiving.

The trade group that represents these schools has backed oversight legislation before. Helping more post-secondary schools open, group officials said, would help more Californians in financial straits get the job training they need.

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