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LA Unified combs through emails, employee relations office files, logs and databases

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LAUSD spokesman Thomas Waldman provided more details today on the internal investigation into the district's reporting of teachers accused of misconduct to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Superintendent John Deasy said Wednesday the district would be refiling all reports of teacher misconduct over the last three academic years to ensure no cases slipped through the crack as has been recently reported in two instances by the media.

According to Waldman, district officials will be going through the email records of past L.A. Unified mandated reports that were sent to the commission. They will also look at any email records retrieved by the IT department from district servers and backup records. Officials will look through employee relations office files, logs and databases; data from the Los Angeles County Office of Education; and any correspondences or reports that have come in from the commission or that may have been misplaced, Waldman said. 

Waldman said the district was looking through hundreds of teacher misconduct reports, but didn't know how many would turn out to be untimely reports or cases that were not reported at all to the commission.

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