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Thousands of Occupy protesters demonstrate at LA colleges over higher education fees

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The Occupy movement dubbed Thursday a "National Day of Action," holding rallies, walkouts and marches across the nation with the purpose of "fighting to guarantee the right to education for everyone." 

Students at California State University, Los Angeles raised a ruckus as they swarmed in and out of academic buildings, the student bookstore and administration offices, KPCC's Vanessa Romo reports. Students chanted, “No cuts, no fees! Education should be free!”  

The rally hit a crescendo on the steps of the student union, where hundreds of young men and women pumped their fists in the air, calling out, Whose school?" To the fervent answer, "Our school!"  

Freshman Martin Inchauregui is not a U.S. citizen, so he doesn’t qualify for financial aid. He pays — or rather, his parents pay — the full tuition of $2,800 a quarter out of pocket. 

"It's getting too difficult for us," he said. "They say that tuition’s going to up like, $500, just for next year. That’s what they say right now, but then how about for next year? 

Occupy protesters took to Twitter and other social media to post updates, reactions and photos from the protests.

Occupy protesters witnessed some violence, such as at UC Santa Cruz, where it was reported that a vehicle plowed through protesters. Elsewhere, students took over the offices of university bigwigs and staged some dramatic action.

You can see more reaction and learn more about the rally in searches for the hashtags #M1 and #ReclaimCSU.

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