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LA Unified: Preliminary pink slips for teachers nearly double to 9,500

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35017 full

Documents released Friday show L.A. Unified plans to issue nearly double the number of preliminary pink slips to teachers from what was previously estimated.

Last month, L.A. Unified calculated its projected funding deficit for next year at more than $500 million. The district estimated that 5,500 teachers should be sent Reduction in Force Notices for possible layoff.

Now the district is predicting the deficit will be $100 million less, but sending out almost twice as many layoff notices.

A plan by L.A. Unified Superintendent John Deasy for Tuesday’s budget vote calls for 9,500 teachers to receive layoff notices, a large portion for instructors in the district’s adult education program.

United Teachers Los Angeles President Warren Fletcher said sending so many layoff notices is unnecessary. The union has criticized the district’s practice of issuing thousands of layoff notices and recalling most of them as local and state budget negotiations move forward.

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