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California state report makes recommendations on teacher layoff process

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A new report says California school districts need to change the way they lay off teachers.

The state’s Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) says the system now in place carries a high cost — in dollars, morale and teacher talent.

In the last four years, budget cuts have forced California school districts to lay off 32,000 teachers.

The Legislative Analyst says the process has significant flaws. Districts send out too many notices, which cost districts money, worry teachers unnecessarily and sink school morale.

According to the Office, districts spent $14 million last year on layoff-related costs.

The LAO recommends changing notices from March to June to better align with the state budget process.

In addition, the report says, layoffs should not be based only on seniority, because that can lower the overall quality of the teacher workforce.

The analyst says other states let districts decide, based on multiple factors, and that perhaps California should do the same.

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