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USC gets $10 million donation for veterans' tuition

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The University of Southern California recently received a $10 million donation from former hospital executive William Schoen — just to be used for military veterans' tuition. Schoen, a native of Arcadia, is also a veteran who served three years in the Marines.

Jim Ellis, Dean of the Marshall School of Business, says the donation will help pay tuition for veterans seeking their engineering and business degrees.

"As veterans are coming out of the military, many of them have pretty significant experience relative to dealing with technology, computers, planning, et cetera," says Ellis. "Our goal is to get them back into the mainstream of the job market once they’re given the education that then goes with what the military gave them."

Ellis says 120 veterans at USC are on full scholarship now. Many more veterans enroll at community colleges and public universities. And more are on their way, as veterans return from Iraq and Afghanistan and take advantage of benefits that pay for school.

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