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UC Davis to release pepper-spray report, but will redact officers' names

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When police at UC Davis pepper-sprayed a group of peaceful protestors, the outcry over the incident led to a formal investigation. The school is now set to release its report, but some elements — specifically the names of the police officers involved — will not be made public.

It was home video of an officer spraying a line of Occupy protestors as they knelt in a campus quad last November that led to public demand for an investigation. A task force led by a retired California Supreme Court Justice followed through, but the campus police union sued to stop the release of the report.

Attorneys for the union said officers’ names should be blacked out for their safety. The judge hearing the case noted that Lt. John Pike, identified as the one spraying protestors, said he received tens of thousands of threatening or derogatory text messages, emails and letters in the months after the incident. People also ordered magazines, products and food delivered to Lt. Pike’s home.  

The university and union reached an agreement to redact the officers’ names, except for the chief of police and Lt. Pike, as he has already been identified.

The University will post the report on the UC Davis homepage at 12 noon Wednesday, April 11.

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