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Cal State faculty starts voting on strike plans; Faculty president: There's 'overwhelming support'

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28030 full

The governing board for Cal State’s faculty association is preparing for the worst. That’s why it started a two-week vote on Monday to determine whether or not faculty will strike at all 23 campuses.

At Cal State Dominguez Hills, instructors formed a steady stream as they made their way in and out of the voting booths.

David Bradfield, president of the faculty association’s chapter at the campus, said there’s "overwhelming support to authorize the two-day rolling strikes. That’s the buzz. That’s what I’m hearing."

The system's 23,000 employees have two weeks to vote on the strike, meaning a picket line could be months away. It will only happen if Cal State Chancellor Charles Reed rejects the recommendations of a neutral fact finder and imposes a contract.

The Chancellor’s Office said it's unsure whether a fact finder has been appointed. The office predicted that could take from a couple of weeks to several months.

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