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UCLA announces over 15,000 admitted to 2012 freshman class, most diverse - and out-of-state - ever

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UCLA says this fall's freshman class will be the school’s most diverse — ever. The 15,455 high school seniors accepted for the fall semester come from all 50 states and from 69 countries.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block calls the University a "beacon of access and opportunity" for students of all backgrounds.

Partly because of budget uncertainties, UCLA has reduced the number of California students it’s admitted and increased its admission of out-of-state students. Out-of-staters don't get the same tuition breaks in-state students do.

Even so, three-fifths, or about about 9,000 students, do come from California. Among them, 85 percent graduated at or near the top of their high school class and a third are from low-income families.

There have also been significant bumps in enrollment among ethnic groups, especially among Latinos, who make up 21 percent of the total admissions.

Overall enrollment across the UC system is up this year, with the biggest increases at UC Riverside and UC San Diego.