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Both sides of CSU dispute agree to return to the bargaining table

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Two days into a strike vote that could delay the opening of all 23 Cal State University campuses this fall, the system’s chancellor and the faculty union announced they’re ready to try talking again.

Call it a break, not a break-up. In a decision that surprised some leaders of the faculty association, the union’s bargaining committee and the chancellor’s office have agreed to resume negotiation talks early next month.

David Bradfield is vice president of the union. He says he’s glad to hear the news but he isn’t entirely optimistic.

"There’s a difference between coming to the table and coming to the bargaining table," said Bradfield.

That’s why the union is moving forward with its strike vote plans.

"It doesn’t change the vote whatsoever," he says.

Professors, coaches and librarians have until a week from Friday to authorize a two-day rolling strike if both sides fail to reach an agreement.

In a statement, university officials say, “At this point in the negotiations there are a limited number of issues that remain in dispute.”

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