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5 tips to avoid teacher burnout

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These days it is tough to be a teacher — budget cuts, preliminary pink slips, and at L.A. Unified earlier this year, a sex-abuse scandal. So here's a quick list put out today by Best Colleges Online on how to avoid teacher burnout.

In case you're too busy to read the entire story (though, their tips say you should take a break), here's a brief rundown:

  1. Take care of yourself: Go for a walk, exercise, eat well, and schedule some quiet time.
  2. Take time off: Use the sick day if you need it, or the personal day if you need a break. Dedicate a portion of the weekend exclusively to your own needs.
  3. Take time to reflect: Try not to focus on the negative. Think of why you got into teaching. Think positive.
  4. Take a new approach: Try teaching at another level, a different position or school, another country, or a new program.
  5. Take no offense/take action: Don't let others judge you, only you know how hard you work. Don't take negativity to heart. Be proactive, tell people about your successes and work with colleagues to spread the news.

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