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Students protest Governor Brown’s proposed Cal Grant cuts

University of the Pacific/Flickr

Students and faculty walk to a planned protest against proposed Cal Grants cuts for private universities.

Students and staff from private universities are protesting Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed cuts to the Cal Grant program. Some appeared Thursday at a Senate budget sub-committee hearing that addressed the plan.

Currently, students at private schools can receive up to $9,700 a year, but Brown proposes cutting that by more than half for students at for-profit schools. Those attending private nonprofits would be able to receive up to $5,400.

"I don’t know how I would come up with that money if that would happen," says Ruben Gonzalez, a junior at the University of Redlands. "That would probably push me to become more of a part-time student and full-time worker, which means I wouldn’t graduate in the four years."

Projections say that the state would save approximately $300 million if the proposals took effect.

The State Department of Finance says the goal is to focus resources on students most likely to graduate and on students at public institutions.

The Senate Committee took no action on the proposals.

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