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Beverly Hills Unified moves to cut permits from outsiders to enroll in district

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The Beverly Hills Unified School board will sit down Tuesday night and hash out an issue that’s long divided residents: how many students who live outside the affluent district to allow in its public schools.

It used to be a win-win for Beverly Hills Unified. Students allowed in on inter-district permits added per-pupil funding from the state to the district budget while parents took advantage of a marquee public education for their children.

But two years ago, local property taxes surpassed state funding and the district dropped its per-pupil funding formula.

Which is precisely when the district began shrinking inter-district permits, says former board member Myra Lurie.

"There are also residents who feel that the permit students have essentially taken a free ride, which I don’t agree with," Lurie added. "And I think much of that is driven by a resentment of people who have been able to utilize the school system without being [...] in the City of Beverly Hills."

The current school board president says Beverly Hills Unified enrolled about 1,000 out-of-district students four years ago.

That’s been cut by more than half. And he would like to see the number shrunk even more.

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