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LA Unified board member hails end of 'drama and trauma'

LAUSD redistricting commission

Tami Abdollah / KPCC

The LAUSD Redistricting Commission met Feb. 23 to vote on a map to send on to the City Council for new school board district lines. There has been concern about public input and vetting of the final maps.

L.A. Unified board member Bennett Kayser sent out a joyous statement today about the amendments made to the redistricting map before its approval by the City Council vote at a morning meeting.

"It's done. It's done!" Kayser said. "The LAUSD redistricting process has been very difficult for the communities I represent...and for me personally. After all the drama and trauma, the 'new' LAUSD board district 5 is basically the district I ran for and won just nine months ago. All I can say is, it's great to be back and I am thrilled for the chance to continue serving the very people who have placed their trust in me."

Councilmember Tom LaBonge submitted a map amendment to the Redistricting Commission's proposed map after concern about separating Marshall High School from its neighborhoods, which helped lead to the amendments, according to the statement.

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