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Cal State University trustees to reconsider president pay increases

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At their meeting in Long Beach on Tuesday and Wednesday, California State University trustees are revisiting one of their most contentious issues: How much to pay campus presidents.

Criticism rained on Cal State trustees last year when they approved a $400,000 a year salary for San Diego State’s new president. That would be $100,000 more than his predecessor.

Three months ago, Cal State trustees approved a 10 percent cap on increases to new presidents’ salaries. The university’s faculty union and a state legislator have since said that was too much.

The proposal would pay a new campus president the same as the outgoing president but would allow supplemental salary from university foundations funds. That money is separate from state funding.

The California Faculty Association said trustees are obsessed with paying campus presidents high salaries. Foundation funds, the union said, should go to scholarships instead.

The teachers' union is in the middle of contentious contract talks with university administration.

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