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Protesters interrupt UC regents meeting (again) over tuition hikes (again)

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Student protesters disrupted a University of California Regents meeting in Sacramento on Wednesday.
The students, angry over proposed tuition hikes, burst into the room wearing prison uniforms that read “sentenced to debt” while clapping and singing. Regents are weighing a 6 percent tuition increase to deal with proposed budget cuts. 

"We're asking for a crackdown on mismanagement itself in the form of high executive pay and relentless tuition hikes," insisted UCLA grad student Cheryl Deutsch.

But UC spokesman Peter King said regents are meeting in Sacramento to ask lawmakers for an additional $125 million, specifically to prevent a tuition increase.

"We’ve been cut a billion dollars in the last few years alone," he said. "We’re operating at 1997 funding levels even though we’re serving 70,000 more students."

The University would take another $250 million cut if voters reject Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed tax initiative this fall.

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