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Embattled Cal State chancellor Charles Reed retires

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California State University Chancellor Charles Reed announced Thursday that he’s retiring after 14 years in the university system.

In a statement, Reed said he’s proud to have overseen the largest public university in the nation as it grew by 100,000 students and issued a million diplomas. He’s also proud of Cal State’s programs to recruit and retain more black, Latino, Native American and military veteran students.

The heads of the University of California and the California Community Colleges, along with Assembly Speaker John Perez, praised Reed’s performance on the job.

But California Faculty Association president Lilliam Taiz didn’t join that chorus. She said Reed concentrated on approving raises for the university’s top executives while instructors weathered pay cuts and students coped with soaring tuition.

The new chancellor, Taiz said, should regard the job as a public service position, not the equivalent of a corporate CEO.

Charles Reed will stay on until the Cal State Board of Trustees picks a new chancellor. 


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