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LA Unified School District sexual harassment settlement seems to unravel; employee doesn't sign

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A settlement of sexual harassment allegations against a former LAUSD superintendent appears to be far from settled.

In a private briefing with reporters last week, L.A. Unified officials unveiled details of a settlement reached with a high-ranking district employee who accused former Superintendent Ramon Cortines of sexual harassment.

Cortines denied the allegations, while the district offered the employee, Scot Graham, $200,000 cash and lifetime benefits for his resignation.

LAUSD’s school board approved the settlement in a closed session. District officials said they expected the employee’s signature later that day.

It never came. Graham’s lawyers refused to sign the settlement, saying that they were surprised the district held the briefing and revealed Graham’s name. They did not say under what conditions they’d settle.

In a statement, a lawyer for L.A. Unified said the district stands by the offer and had briefed reporters in the interest of transparency.

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