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Teacher/parent group recommends new formula for evaluating LAUSD teachers

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An independent group called Our Schools, Our Voice unveiled its proposal on Thursday for a new performance evaluation for LAUSD's 30,000 teachers.

The recommendation arrives amid conflict between the school district and its teachers union over an evaluation overhaul.

The main stumbling block is student test scores. Superintendent John Deasy says he wants to use student test score improvement in evaluations while the teachers union doesn’t.

Former LAUSD teacher Mike Stryer belongs to Our Schools, Our Voice, which is a group of teachers and parents who say 25 percent of a teacher’s evaluation should be based on test score improvement.

"We also put a lot of emphasis on increasing or further increasing the reliability of the test data," Stryer said. "To make sure it’s done over a number of years, to make sure it’s not used for probationary teachers who are learning the craft of teaching."

Stryer said the district should base more than half the evaluation on classroom observations by a campus principal and a teacher. Student and parent comments should also count.

The school district and the union will review the recommendations.

The Gates Foundation — a big supporter of factoring student test scores into teacher evaluations — is giving money to Stryer’s group and Communities for Teaching Excellence, a group that convened the teachers and parents to make the recommendations.

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