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Judge to rule on whether student progress must be used in teacher evaluations

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A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has said that he will rule Monday on a lawsuit that claims L.A. Unified’s broken the law for 40 years by not factoring student progress into teachers’ job evaluations.

The lawsuit claims that LAUSD, the teachers union, its boards of education and superintendents over several decades have undermined the Stull Act, a 1971 state law which states that teacher evaluations need to include student progress toward meeting instructional goals.

The suit names the school district and the unions that represent teachers and principals. (Their lawyers have presented evidence to counter the lawsuit’s claims.)

The use of student test scores in teacher evaluations has become a contentious local and national issue. Teachers unions oppose the use of those standardized test scores, but the federal education officials and LAUSD superintendent John Deasy support them.

L.A. Unified and its teachers union are negotiating to overhaul the district’s approach to teacher evaluation.

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