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Deasy asks to remove LAUSD parcel tax measure from November ballot

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Nick Ut/AP

John Deasy speaks to the media while students line up for a security check upon their arrival at Gardena High School in Gardena on Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011.

LAUSD superintendent John Deasy asked school board members on Tuesday to postpone the district’s effort to raise taxes until after the November election.

The parcel tax initiative was supposed to be a super-sized Band–Aid that would’ve covered part of the district’s $390 million budget gap. But amid the state’s worse than anticipated budget numbers, Deasy now says voters need to focus on the two state ballot measures intended to help California school districts survive cuts to public education.

The local initiative would have cost property owners an average $298 a year for five years. But in a statement, Deasy said it risks inundating voters with too many ballot measures.

Large urban school districts have failed to pass similar parcel tax initiatives. LAUSD backed a similar measure two years ago. With 52 percent of the vote, it fell short of the two-thirds’ approval required for any tax.

The school board may decide on the superintendent’s recommendation next week.

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