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Education trailer bill still missing in action from California budget plans

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks during a news conference about the state budget. With just a few weeks til the governor approves a budget, lawmakers need to pass a so-called “trailer bill” that would guide how school districts carry out cuts.

California schools could face more budget cuts if voters reject Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure in November. State lawmakers still need to pass a so-called “trailer bill” that would guide how school districts carry out those cuts.

School administrators reportedly don’t want a repeat of last year’s controversy over mid-year cuts.

In budget battles last year, the education trailer bill was released just a few hours before lawmakers voted on it and included a controversial provision barring teacher layoffs. Dennis Meyers with the California School Boards Association said he’s hoping that doesn’t happen again this year.

"It’s always a concern that in a year when there may be huge cuts coming that the legislature would decide how to limit how we implement those cuts," said Meyers.

School districts are trying to plan for more than $5 billion in possible mid-year trigger cuts.

"Just about everything happens at the last minute," said Dean Vogel of the California Teachers Association. "That’s the nature of the final hours of the budget deal. We would always like to be in the middle of that — sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not.”

Funding for up to three weeks of school could disappear if voters reject Gov. Brown’s proposed tax initiative in November.

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