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Officials say leaked test questions have no effect on exams

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43317 full

California education officials have found the online posting of photos of the state standardized test during testing in May posed no significant impact on the integrity of the exams.

Paul Hefner, communications director for the California Department of Education, said the vast majority of the 442 images were of closed booklets for the Standardized Testing and Reporting exam or illegible pages that were snapped by students with cell phones.

The photos were posted on social media websites, including MySpace and Facebook.

About 36 test questions, however, were clearly readable and hundreds of schools had the questions on their tests (including North Hollywood Senior High, Glendale High, Millikan High and North Monterey County High Schools).

Hefner says the scoring formula for the schools where students exposed the questions is being adjusted to eliminate those items without affecting test results.

He described the process of testing the tests as "very rigorous." Students' answers to the 36 exposed questions were compared to answers in years past; no sudden, suspicious uptick in the answers' correctness could be found. 

The investigation has delayed the statewide release of results by two weeks, until Aug. 31.

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