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UC regents vow to freeze tuition if Gov's November tax measure passes

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The University of California is promising to freeze tuition for the coming academic year if Governor Jerry Brown’s November tax measure is approved. 

But the measure’s failure could lead to a 20 percent mid-year increase.

The UC’s carrot-and-stick approach stems from the way the state budget is set up: if Brown’s tax initiative (Proposition 30) passes, and the university freezes its tuition, it would receive an extra $125 million — money the UC hasn’t received in years. 

But if Prop 30 fails, the university would take a $250 million mid-year cut. So President Mark Yudof is warning students that Prop 30 is the only realistic way to keep tuition down.

"They need to know it, their families need to know it and their friends and neighbors need to know it," says Yudof.

The potential 20 percent tuition increase would add up to about $2,500 a student.

The No on Prop 30 campaign doesn’t appreciate the UC’s view, saying it's a “false choice and an irresponsible threat to hold higher education hostage.”

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