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Cal State severely cuts transfers they will accept in 2013

38174 full
38174 full

The list of woes for California's community college transfer students just got a little longer. In addition to class shortages and annual tuition inflation, Cal State campuses are severely limiting enrollment for Spring 2013. 

Even if community college students have the right classes and credits to transfer to a four-year CSU campus, the "only students that will be allowed to transfer are those that have earned an Associate Degree for transfer," said Mike Uhlenkamp from Cal State chancellor's office. 

Even they will only be allowed to apply to the following 10 campuses:

  • Humboldt
  • Chico
  • Sonoma
  • San Francisco
  • East Bay
  • Channel Islands
  • Los Angeles
  • Fullerton
  • San Bernadino
  • Sacramento

For now, Uhlenkamp said he doesn't know how many students statewide would qualify to move on. In the meantime, other prospective students will be wait-listed

Paige Dorr, communications director for California Community Colleges, said this will put a further strain on already overcrowded community colleges.

"In essence, students could end up spending more time on community college campuses, taking up a seat in a course that isn't necessarily necessary for them to take," Dorr said. "But they're staying there in order to transfer the following semester."

Traditionally, anywhere from 16,000 to 18,000 students transfer from community colleges to one of the 23 Cal State campuses. 
The reduced enrollment reflects of last year's $750-million cut in support from the state.

Cal State spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp warns that future looks even bleaker unless voters pass Governor Brown's tax initiative in November. It would halt an additional $250 million in trigger cuts to the system.

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