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LAUSD and administrators' union reach tentative deal on student test scores in evals*

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L.A. Unified and the Associated Administrators of Los Angeles announced Tuesday that they have reached a tentative one-year agreement that incorporates student test data as a factor in evaluating principals and assistant principals.

The deal, which would apply to evaluations this school year, brings the district one step closer to fully complying with state law as ordered by a judge in July; L.A. Unified is still in discussions with the teachers' union and must reach an agreement by Dec. 4.

The agreement requires an approval vote by the school board, said LAUSD spokesman Thomas Waldman. The board will vote on the agreement in early October, he said.

Principals and assistant principals will be evaluated with a variety of student data including school-wide, grade-level and departmental test data. Factors such as attendance, enrollment and graduation rates will be included.

Associated Administrators of Los Angeles President Judith Perez said the deal is a "temporary solution."

"The purpose of this one-year MOU [memorandum of agreement] is to comply with the judge's order in Doe vs. Deasy," Perez said. "It gives us the time to now really negotiate the evaluation system [and] to really figure out what to do in the long run."

The union will meet with the district later this month to begin negotiations on a long-term evaluation system that includes student test data, Perez said. 

Superintendent John Deasy called the agreement "significant."

"I'm grateful to AALA for working with us to achieve this breakthrough, which we believe will greatly help improve the quality of education in every school," Deasy said in a statement.

As part of the agreement, the district will provide training and guidance on how to use such data for all administrators starting in October, Perez said. She said training may be online or face to face, but will try to limit the time that principals are away from campus.

*This story has been updated.

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