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API scores: School Quality in Snapshot Format

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In addition to releasing state Academic Performance Index numbers on Thursday, the California Department of Education is also debuting an easy-to-read School Quality Snapshot

It’s a brightly-colored report – full of graphs and pie charts – designed to simplify and aggregate key information about a school in one place.

Deb Sigman, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, said the purpose of the snapshot is to gather a set of data that would have previously required parents to visit multiple websites to compile.

She added: “This will be a great tool for schools and districts to use as they communicate to their communities and their staffs about the performance of their schools.”

The focal point of the report is the Academic Performance Index – or API – but the two-page report goes well beyond that.

For instance, want to know how many kids at your local school have adequate abdominal strength? That’s on there, in the Healthy Fitness Zone.

The new online tool also includes a five-year overview about each of the state's 10,000 schools on the following key indicators:

Sigman said it’s the first comprehensive look at the state of individual schools.

"(That’s why) we give the demographic data around the school because we want to make sure that people have the context of the school,” Sigman said.

Each snapshot includes state and district-level data for comparison purpose and is available a California Department of Education website:

Here's a sample of what you'll find:

109503790 Example School Quality Snapshot


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