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New CSU Chancellor asks for 10 percent pay cut

Timothy White

Steven Cuevas/KPCC

Incoming Cal State University Chancellor Timothy White's request for a pay cut was granted by system trustees.

The new Cal State University Chancellor hasn’t even started the job, but Wednesday he asked for a pay cut.
In a letter to the CSU Board of Trustees, Timothy P. White, requested a 10 percent salary reduction and the board complied, though not without some hesitancy.
White, who takes over the 23 university system in January, was set to receive the same annual salary as his predecessor, Charles Reed: $421,500 from state funds, plus a $30,000 supplement from CSU Foundation sources. Now White’s take home pay will be $380,000, but the foundation supplement remains intact.
In his letter, White said:

“…as I join the faculty, staff and students who have experienced cuts, salary freezes, and increased fees, I too must do my part.  This is the basis of my request to reduce my own compensation to contribute to the rebuilding of this great university.”

White also noted that most employees, including presidents, have seen no pay increase since 2007.
While the trustees honored White’s request, some board members were resistant. Cal State Northridge's newspaper, the Daily Sundial, reported:
Trustee Peter Mehas said though he would honor White’s request, cutting the chancellor’s salary is a mistake: “I want to be on record that I think this is not the direction we should be going,” Mehas said. “The chancellor is sufficiently underpaid when compared to people doing this kind of work throughout the country. This is a very, very difficult job in very difficult circumstances.”

Apparently this is not the first time White has taken a pay cut. The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports that he did the same thing as Chancellor of UC Riverside.

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