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As other states seek to increase preschool budget, California stays flat

Courtesy of Los Angeles Universal Preschool

Starting at the White House and kindling in governors' offices nationwide, there’s a move underfoot to increase access to early childhood education programs. Except in California.

Governor Jerry Brown isn't actively cutting preschool programs -- his recent budget proposal kept funding the same as last year; It's that he is not actually doing anything to improve it.

Still, after suffering $1.2 billion in cuts over four years, advocates are crossing their fingers the proposal marks and end to reductions in the state's early childhood education budget.

If you can't quite grasp the impact of that $1.2 billion loss, a coalition of groups has followed the money -- or lack of it -- and mapped the results, neighborhood by neighborhood. Los Angeles County suffered the most dramatic losses. Not surprisingly, they have hit hardest in low-income areas.

This data was compiled by the Los Angeles Children’s Data Network, which includes the Advancement Project/Healthy City, First Five LA and a number of other government, advocacy and data organizations.