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End of year reports show Prop. 30 supporters outspent opponents nearly 4-1

Gov. Jerry Brown

Sharon McNary/KPCC

California Gov. Jerry Brown spoke in support of Prop. 30 at a rally of UCLA students on campus last fall.

During a victory party for Proposition 30 in Sacramento in November, Gov. Jerry Brown said the measure "sold itself."

Well, not exactly.

The Sacramento Bee reported this morning that committes backing the measure spent nearly $54 million--about four times the $13.2 million opponents spent.

The ballot measure is expected to raise about $6 billion a year for education and the state's general fund. How exactly those funds will be used is unclear, but Brown's recently-released budget proposed increasing funds for all California schools--and a larger increase for those in poor and heavily-immigrant neighborhoods.

Proposition 30 raised the state sales tax by a quarter of a cent for four years starting Jan. 1. It also increased income taxes by up to 3 percent for people who make at least $250,000.

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