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Valentine's Day lesson plans aren't just for teachers: art, chemistry and word searches can be fun at home

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Candy may be the standard on Valentine's day, but the holiday can also be used to teach chemistry, art.

The Texas-based teacher social network We Are Teachers has some Valentine’s Day classroom lesson plans that aren’t just for teachers. Any parent, guardian, or relative can download these lesson plans. They include op art painting, word searches, and at least one that gets kids to flex their addition and word problem skills.

The lessons appear to be mostly for elementary school age kids.

Let’s not leave teenagers out. There must be some biology and physiology teachers out there taking time to talk about how the amino acids that make up the “love hormone” oxytocin are an essential part of the bodily rush we feel when Cupid’s arrow strikes, when we fall head over heels, or are smitten by that special someone.

The closest I came to finding something like that was a Valentine’s Day chemistry on this list of lesson plans.

How are you using the holiday to teach kids in your class? Have ideas other educators can use? Let us know in the comment section below

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